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A Couples Course for individuals who want to take their relationship to the next level. With personal accountability and a courageous heart, couples can create real change within themselves and, in turn, their relationship.


Couples Testimonials

She is a spiritual warrior that is not afraid to show you what is real. I will be forever grateful to this human being for insight into my life and helping my little family live in peace.


Julia has literally changed the course of direction for us as individuals and married couple.  Whatever you think you know about yourself or the people around you, meet with Julia and we are certain you  will unlock things you never imagined... and the reconnect with the ability to live from the heart.


Julia helped my wife and I cover more ground in 2 months than we did in 5 years with conventional therapies. The most impactful aspect of her guidance is in realizing how different our thinking needed to be.



Julia's guidance has transformed the lives of hundreds of individuals and couples as a Sufi healer and a change-maker. She has brought people through their biggest blocks to living their fullest lives and healthy relations.  First with befriending the Self and its innate goodness and then with others. 


Her  skillset combines her personal wisdom, undergraduate studies, and a formal three-year Sufi and Energetic Healing Program that focused on emotional and spiritual transformation. Julia has found an integrative spiritual approach through the heart that has led her clients to radical transformation. Her hope is  to help and give tools to transform the roots of suffering (often in the mind) into meaning and connection for a life lived whole heartedly.


Art lends itself to organic and of the box thinking, that helps unlock the persistent patterns that are often hard for us when wanting  to make lasting change.

She incorporates her extensive experience in the arts, spanning over 25 years, into her sessions. This enables her to shed light on the concepts of authenticity and creativity, ultimately supporting you in  a wholistic healing approach.

A photo of Julia Junkin laughing

J U L I A   J U N K I N

Guide. Breaker of Blocks. Sufi Healer & Teacher. Artist.

Online Couples Course

We all need a hand at different junctures in our relationship. Consider this an opportunity to take a good look at some of the ways you are functioning as a couple. Maybe you have bad habits or you just want to cultivate new ones. Julia has developed this course from working with hundreds of couples. Her foray has been working with couples that are on the brink of divorce.. In her transformative work she teaches you through many avenues to increase connection. Learn to be in conflict and repair. Become each others advocates instead of advisory. to have a Northstar something you both are walking together 

Key Features:

  • Interactive Sessions: Engage with expert-led videos and exercises, available to access anytime, anywhere.

  • Customizable Modules: Tailored topics covering communication, intimacy, conflict resolution, and more.

  • Private Discussion Space: Share and reflect within a secure platform, fostering open and honest dialogue.

  • Practical Tools & Tips: Implement real-world strategies to strengthen your relationship daily.

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The cover illustration of the book I AM, created by Julia Junkin

Listen to a sample:

Self Transformation Books

I Am... A Creative Outlet for

Courageous and Curious Souls

She Is That

I am, a book written and illustrated by Julia Junkin
Amazon Rating for a book by Julia Junkin
She is That, a book written and illustrated by Julia Junkin
Amazon Rating for a book by Julia Junkin

 A self transformation journal to guide you back to your mystery and authentic self.  If you are feeling a longing , wanting to explore your inner riches,  this creative journal  was made for you.  We all go through periods of quiet, feelings of being lost and trying to understand who we are. The world can be loud, yet the quiet voice within is your most trusty guide.  Go find her, she's waiting for you. This transformational tool has the power to unwind and uplift you (if you let it).  With guided writing exercises,  thoughtful musings  and women goddeses to color, you are bound to be different when you dive in and let go!!

 A  book for women, girls and seekers.  By immersing yourself in this inspirational journey, you will find solace in the words and art of Julia Junkin.  She Is That emphasizes the interconnectedness of our lives, while celebrating our individuality. Above all, it reminds us that we are never truly alone, even when we believe ourselves to be.  With its comforting presence, this little book will be like a friend accompanying you along the winding path.

An arrangement of healing objects for meditation
A woman holding her hand over her heart

"Your inner revolution has everything to do with what's going on inside of you, not outside of you.  Luckily!" 

A  Course To Change Your Life

A  Course To Change Your Life

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