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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your first session is an opportunity to experience Julia’s style and see how well you match. Other than the first session Julia does not work on a one off session  basis. In her experience the most profound results happen with a commitment to several sessions. She works in containers, the client choosing to commit to their process.  With 6 to 8 sessions clients can make headway in their process or a significant breakthrough happens. History shows one or two sessions is just not long enough to make sustained breakthroughs. 

  • On average it takes about 8 sessions for the individual to experience the breakthroughs necessary for lasting change. This  includes the time and energy they also  invest in their transformation outside of the healing room. 

    The 2 month Couples container creates the necessary space to transform as a couple and as individuals. For this reason this package includes individual and couple sessions as well as tools and literature that are vital to the process between the sessions.

  • Julia does not. Some clients have been able to submit a receipt to their health accounts and get reimbursed.

  • Julia’s style is direct. Meaning it's more intense than going to a 50 min appointment with a therapist who sits back and allows a slow unfold. Julia’s style has many benefits. You most likely will move faster in your process than in traditional therapy as  she touches  places where you have suffering, so it's not always comfortable.  Some people love this style and there are some that do not. That is what the first session establishes - if you and Julia are a good match.

  • 100%. One Session a week is not going to break you through in your life. Committing to our healing and our inner work is what will make a difference. Books that are specific to the client are recommended and will boost the process of becoming more aware. Also many tools are given through the 8 week container that are meant to be practiced in real time. Tools make all the difference!

  • Yes. With couples Julia uniquely works with both the individuals in their own private sessions and with the couple. In the individual session we have more breakthroughs on a therapeutic and healing level in regards to the self and the mate.

  • Direct. Intense. Compassionate. Humorful.

  • Someone who is tired of suffering and is ready to change and transform.  They are committed to letting go and integrating their past and then moving into their natural joy.

  • In person sessions are 1.5 to 2 hours.  In Julia’s experience, longer sessions allow opportunity for more breakthrough. Phone sessions are 60 min.

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