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What will be your love story? It's up to you.

If we do not experience personal growth and  continue to develop our significant relationship, we will suffer. Therefore we designed an Online Couples Course to help you cultivate a meaningful and vital  relationship. This course is a journey specifically designed for you to awaken the spiritual and structural components of your relationship, 

A Self Improvement Couples Course for individuals that want to take their relationship to the next level. With personal accountability and a courageous heart couples can create real change within themselves and inturn their relationship.

A  Course To Change Your Life

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A Self-Improvement Online Couples Course for individuals who want to take their relationship to the next level. With personal accountability and a courageous heart, couples can create real change within themselves and, in turn, their relationship.

 Format of the course

For all kinds of learner

Videos and Writings from Julia

Journal prompts, Meditations, and visual drawings.

Excercises and tools to make a real difference in your relationship.

Format of
the Course

For all kinds of learners

Whether you're visual learners, deep thinkers, or hands-on participants, our course structure is designed to speak to your unique styles.

Lecture Videos &
Guided Mediations 

Julia's lectures provide deep insights into the spiritual and structural aspects of relationships. Paired with Guided Meditations, you'll discoverways to connect dwith yourself and your partner.

Journal Prompts &
Visual Drawings

Through Journal Prompts and Visual Tools, dive into personal and shared exploration to uncover the blocks in your relationship. Julia’s writings and a curated Resource List will guide your daily journey to love rediscovered.

Writings from Julia & Resource List

Immerse yourself in Julia's Writings and gain access to a hand-picked Resource List that extends your exploration beyond the course. These materials are selected to support and enrich your daily practice, guiding you and your partner back to a place of deep connection and renewed affection. Each resource is a stepping stone on your path to a reawakened love.

Exercises & Tools

Engage with exercises that help you identify and move past relationship hurdles. Equip yourself with Tools to Make the Difference in Your Relationship on a Daily Basis, transforming every interaction into a step towards harmony.

Videos and Teachings from Julia.

Exercises  to Uncover Blocks and Tools to Make the Difference in Your Relationship on a Daily Basis. 

Guided  Meditations, Journal Prompts and Visual Tools.

Who Is This Course For

Key features of course:

  • Engage with expert-led videos and exercises, available to access anytime, anywhere.

  • Topics such as direct communication that works, spiritual connection, intimacy, conflict resolution & Sufi teachings.

  • Practical Tools & Tips to  transform  your relationship daily. 

  • How to release resentments and keep it that way.

  • Want to invest in their relationship.

  • Want a relationship that gets better with time.

  • Want to navigate conflicts healthfully.

  • Are feeling stuck in their relationship.

  • Want to stop the patterns they are stuck in.

Perfect for couples that:

Take the First Step Towards A Stronger Relationship. Your Love Story Deserves it.

Take the First Step to a Stronger Relationship.

Your love story deserves it.

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A committed partnership serves as a pathway for spiritual growth. However, when not in harmony, it can feel like a road to suffering. This course is an opportunity for individuals who are ready to change the course of their life and their partnership. 

Intitiate change now.

"Julia is a gifted and profoundly impactful healer. Her ability to listen, ask meaningful questions, and help sort through layers of unacknowledged experiences has been invaluable. Julia has literally changed the course of direction for us as individuals and as a married couple."



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