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Note from Julia

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A photo of Julia Junkin laughing

J U L I A  J U N K I N


Julia's  guidance has transformed the lives of hundreds of individuals and couples as a Sufi healer and a change-maker. She has guided people through their biggest blocks to living their fullest lives and  healthier relationships. 

Her skillset combines her personal wisdom, undergraduate studies, and a formal three-year Sufi and Energetic Healing Program that focused on emotional and spiritual transformation.  Julia has found an integrative spiritual approach through the heart that has led her clients to radical transformation. Her hope is  to help and give tools to transform the roots of suffering into meaning and connection for a life lived whole heartedly.

​Her unique approach to healing the inner child, relationship dynamics and discharging stored trauma creates a pathway for your most authentic and liberated self to  emerge if you are daring enough to follow. 


Art lends itself to organic out of the box thinking that helps unlock persistent patterns that are often hard for us to make lasting change.

She incorporates her extensive experience as an artist, spanning over 25 years, into her sessions. This enables her to shed light on the concepts of authenticity and creativity, ultimately supporting you in a wholistic healing approach.

A Note from Julia

"I have worked with people in all different times of their life; desiring to come into their voice , let go of family trauma, step into a vital relationship, stepping out of anxiety...etc. Through my  work  I can say there are common denominators of what ails us and what heals us and it does not matter the age.

The most important decision we  make  is that you no longer want to be fooled by your "self" any longer which is the road to suffering. This in turn leads you to learning to heal and to honestly befriend yourself. The next step is owning the power of your own embodiment and self expression here on earth. Personally, I feel deeply we need more beings embodied joyfully and in their natural power.  I do this work myself and with others and am continually inspired by peoples courage to look within and become free.

I  give heartfelt thanks to the deep Sufi teachings and the many teachers that have guided me and my work for so many years."


Many blessings,


A photo of Julia Junkin laughing

"Know the truth and The Truth will set you free." Jesus 

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